The GIANT ROBOT BIENNALE 3 Closing on JAN 20th, Closing Party JAN 17

Posted by rob on January 11, 2013


GIANT ROBOT's BIENNALE 3 exhibit at JANM will close on JANUARY 20. Want to see it for free? Head out on the night of Thursday the 17th to the Closing Party.
Celebrate another successful Biennale with Giant Robot, many of the artists from the exhibit, and the JANM YPN on Thursday, January 17, 2013 from 6-10pm. RSVP at
White Dove One member Jack Long from GR Biennale 1 will be performing (
This will be your last chance, perhaps for a very long time or perhaps ever, to see some of the work I have there in person as most of it will be heading into the arms of private collections. Also, don't miss a chance to see Ako Castuera's incredible ceramic sculpture, "Portal", in the flesh (see central figure below). It has got major mojo. 
This also means that there are only a few days left to to check out my sketchbook display, containing 15+ years of secrets, lies, origins, false starts, raw bleeding honesty, pretentious self absorption, stabs in the dark, rage, love, grocery lists, long lost friends, hopes, fears, petty grievances, directions to nowhere, numbers to phones no longer in use, and a watercolor of my old cat, who I miss.JanmSketchBookDisplay_blog.jpgSketchbookDisplayDtl_01.jpgSBdisplayDtl_03.jpg
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