Posted by admin on March 13, 2010

Junk History is officially over now at GRSF, but the work remains on sale there a little while longer.

For any last chance purchases contact
Luke Martinez

The show got a friendly visit from the folks at Hi Fructose Magazine on opening night--see here.


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I screwed up and ptseod one to my own blog. Sorry about that. (At least it was a guest post.)But here are some others' posts I know you'll like ...4. Messy Epicure - Jason takes a delicious trip to PieLab. 5. Bhamarchitect - The latest on the planned Chick-Fil-A for Five Points South in Birmingham.6. Heaviest Corner - Why Birmingham is not such a bad town for biking.7. Dre's Ramblings - Andre9 shares why it's important to share, to live your life.Looking forward to your shared posts.
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