Isn't Funny, Is.

Posted by admin on May 20, 2010

The catalog from the recent show "Funny (not funny)" is now out and available here and here, featuring some of the finest assholes working in the non-business of "black humor" today.  I'm in there too.  There is some fun discussion of method and madness held within.


Posted by mktrahc on
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Posted by Bear on
That's the best asnwer of all time! JMHO
Posted by khpeyjsuy on
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Posted by tugfeezeqev on
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Posted by Camila on
It's been known to be a pump and dump project, and many eppole have complainedNothing in the industry is as easy as the company claims, it can not sell it's product/services to professionals or advanced trader/investors. It has to go after inexperienced, naive eppole.
Posted by ikhglf on
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Posted by bknhgjd on
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Posted by mzdnbhxju on
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Posted by Dongsik on
Ok problem with this its 2010 and no one sitbums through the mail anymore. Them darn computers I bet they catch on and emails will become the futur of maile. Quick easy no paper, no carbon foot print, no getting up from your desck and all your energy save can be on your significant others honey do list.
Posted by iggnio on
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Posted by nyywenpd on
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Posted by mfflvwpxvjz on
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Posted by bdnfvtmengr on
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