Drawings From Jury Duty

Posted by rob on December 18, 2012

My life and studio work have been put on hold for just under a month due to serving on a jury. Thankfully the courthouse provides plenty of delightful people to meet, talk to and to draw to pass the time. Many random citizens of LA have been wonderful to hang out with this past month despite the inconvenience of much of the jury process. The first set of drawings are from my sketchbook which were made during the jury selection period, and the second set were drawn along with my jurors notes during the trial. It was an odd experience altogether and rather gut wrenching. It was a difficult, ugly case that filled my head with a growing cloud of black smoke. SB33_JuryDutyScroll_blog.jpgJuryNotesScroll_Blog.jpg


Posted by james on
Black smoke sums it up good. So honored to have hung out with you.
Posted by rob on
Thanks James, it was really great meeting you!
Posted by MM on
Great to meet you. My wife really enjoyed that drawing of the back of my head.
Posted by rob on
I enjoyed meeting you too, MM. Thanks so much for modeling the back of your head, it is a great back of the head to draw.
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