Come Make a Mess With Me Saturday, Nov. 10 at the JANM

Posted by rob on November 8, 2012


I'll be conducting a watercolor workshop this upcoming Saturday, November 10th, at the Japanese American National Museum. It will run from 2 - 4pm, and is part of JANM's Target Free days and Entourage Workshop program. Tour the museum for free, then come get busy with some slopppy watercolor action and numerous other crafty activities going on.

Facebook Event Page HERE.

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Growing My Hair Out in BLABworld 2, The Afterlife

Posted by rob on October 31, 2012

Two years ago I was invited to participate in the BLAB group show themed around the afterlife and that show has now turned into the latest BLABworld publication, which the great Monte Beauchamp puts out periodically. My piece, "Old Growth" gets a generous spread in it. The hair, it just keeps growing.BLAB2_CvrSpread_blog.jpg

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Album Covers

Posted by rob on October 31, 2012

Three LA bands have done me the honor of using my art for their album art and packaging this year.

The Manx' "Storms Thrashing Our Vessel" features my work both inside and out, using "Downstream Death Machines as it's cover, which folds out to it's full length for a nice full  spread.



Inside, the CD and backround features "The Choice Cut Cult" to complete the packaging.


The Manx on Facebook

Have a listen and buy the album HERE, and check out a promo video for the record HERE.

Next, Conscious Summary and I worked together to put together the packaging for their new 7 inch record, and at long last, it has been released. I'm very happy with the results. The design all keys off of my painting, "The Open End", a piece which got partial inspiration from this collaboration.

The cover


The outer gatefold spread


The inner gatefold spread


The record center labels. Deeper into the tunnel.ConsSumm7inch_label_blog.jpg

There's a nice review of both the album and the artwork HERE, and another review of the album HERE. The album art combined with the experimental music of this band makes for a delightful package. See more about Conscious Summary on Facebook and MySpace, and you can possibly buy the album through HERE, though the situation appears a bit difficult.

Double Naught Spy Car is the third band who chose my work to grace a cover. Their album "Western Violence" features my piece "Island" on the front. Major honor. These guys have been around for awhile making good stuff.


Find Double Naught Spy Car on Facebook and Myspace to have a listen, and you can buy the album HERE. Also, check out Martin Wong of Giant Robot's review of the cd HERE

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The Gates of Murphy Ranch

Posted by rob on October 29, 2012


We hiked into Santa Monica's Rustic Canyon last week to go see the ruins of Murphy Ranch, a refuge for Nazis that was being built in the 30's by sympathizers in the US and possibly even the German government. Apparently it was to be a self sustaining compound where American Nazis would wait out the anarchic collapse of the US after its defeat by Germany. Then, after a time, they would emerge to restore order. Helter Skelter! A day after Pearl Harbor the place got shut down by the feds. I did this quick watercolor sketch of the gates to the ranch. It's a weird story. For more, see some of the following sources:


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Posted by rob on October 25, 2012

I have some work in the current show "Featherweight" at West Los Angeles College Art Gallery, which has a closing reception tonight,Thursday, Oct 25 from 7 to 10pm. If you haven't seen this exhibit yet, please find the time to come by and experience the ethereal mergings of the group of artists works from Tokyo and L.A.

closing reception @ West Los Angeles College Art Gallery


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Giant Robot Biennale 3, Opening Party on Sept 22

Posted by rob on September 18, 2012


The 3rd Giant Robot Biennale Show opens with a FREE party this Saturday night, Sept. 22 at the Japanese American National Museum. I'll have a substantial chunk of work on display. There will be some golden oldies, some new work, and a peek into some of my sketchbooks. It will be a good opportunity to see some of my larger, more involved work from the past 3 years all together and in person.  It will be in there with Ako Castuera's sublime, primal beauties, another epic wall of Deth P. Sun's adventures, a massive display of Saelee Oh's finery, Eishi Takaoka's quiet presences, Sean Chao's tiny world, some apocalyptic nostalgia fromMasakatsu Sashie, and a giant haunted sculpture from lunatic draftsman/ mad architect Albert Reyes. Additionally, there will be some customized ugly dollsfrom numerous artists downstairs to peruse. Plus, much more...

 If you can't make it to the opening, the show will be up from September 23--January 20th.

 For more info see HERE and HERE

Facebook Event Page

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Posted by rob on August 24, 2012


 It's family time at Space 1026 in Philadelphia where Kris Chau has curated a show that brings me, Ako Castuera, and Ryohei Tanaka together again for an art show love fest. It opens on October 5th and it will be so nice.

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Posted by rob on August 24, 2012


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HAUNTS: John Pham and Rob Sato at GR2, September 8th

Posted by rob on August 24, 2012


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I'll be hanging out and painting at Blue Rooster Art store in Los Feliz on Saturday afternoon from about 1-4 pm. Come on by to see some work in progress, a few recently finished works, and a presentation of my materials and process. While all that goes on, Blue Rooster is having a massive supply sale.

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