Posted by rob on November 1, 2013

11174_10151838248652886_313281567_n.jpgGood old friend Ryohei Tanaka and I have a show together again. Come see his nutso paper cutouts and my latest paintings at Giant Robot

Want to know more about Ryohei? Let him tell you.

Ryohei 1280166062-tanaka_statement.jpg

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"INTERINHABITANTS" travels to Copenhagen

Posted by rob on August 5, 2013


My new solo show, "INTERINHABITANTS",  opens on August 16th  and runs through Spetember 14th at MOHS Exhibit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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RAW KINGDOM Prints Now Available For Pre-Order

Posted by rob on June 13, 2013

Our prints are now available for pre-order!


To celebrate the opening of RAW KINGDOM: New Work by Rob Sato & Kris Chau, we  are proud to announce the release of two beautiful new prints. These artist edition, 3 color letterpress prints were made in collaboration with Basement Press


Each print is a standard 10 x 8" and printed on super heavy cotton rag paper. This print is a limited edition of 75, is signed by the artist, and going for $45 each.


To pre-order your prints visit the Basement Press Etsy Page at the following links


Pre-Order Rob's "Earthlings" Print Here


Pre-Order Kris' "Ridefast" Print Here


For those of you making it out to the show at Copro on Saturday night, we will have a small portion of prints available for sale as well!






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It is an absolute pleasure to announce that Kris Chau and I will be showing together at Copro Gallery. Join us in the "RAW KINGDOM". The gates open on Saturday, June 22 from 8 -11pm.



2525 Michigan Ave , Unit T5

Santa MonicaCA

(310) 829-2156



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Thrash Lab "Profiles" Video

Posted by rob on March 6, 2013

Directed by Eric Nakamura, this was a collaboration between Giant Robot and Ashton Kutcher's youtube channel, Thrash Lab. 

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Rob Sato Watercolor Workshop at JANM, January 19th

Posted by rob on January 18, 2013

I'll be conducting another watercolor workshop tomorrow from 1:30 - 3:00 at the Japanese American National Museum for those wanting to come throw paint around. After that you can also catch the Project Remix panel, moderated by Eric of GR, from 3 - 4pm. 

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New American Paintings No. 103

Posted by rob on January 14, 2013

My work was chosen to be included in the latest issue of New American Paintings! Pacific Coast Edition, No. 103. It's available at bookstores now.NewAmPtg_spread.jpg

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GIANT ROBOT's BIENNALE 3 exhibit at JANM will close on JANUARY 20. Want to see it for free? Head out on the night of Thursday the 17th to the Closing Party.
Celebrate another successful Biennale with Giant Robot, many of the artists from the exhibit, and the JANM YPN on Thursday, January 17, 2013 from 6-10pm. RSVP at http://grb3closingparty.eventbrite.com/
White Dove One member Jack Long from GR Biennale 1 will be performing (http://whitedovela.tumblr.com/media)
This will be your last chance, perhaps for a very long time or perhaps ever, to see some of the work I have there in person as most of it will be heading into the arms of private collections. Also, don't miss a chance to see Ako Castuera's incredible ceramic sculpture, "Portal", in the flesh (see central figure below). It has got major mojo. 
This also means that there are only a few days left to to check out my sketchbook display, containing 15+ years of secrets, lies, origins, false starts, raw bleeding honesty, pretentious self absorption, stabs in the dark, rage, love, grocery lists, long lost friends, hopes, fears, petty grievances, directions to nowhere, numbers to phones no longer in use, and a watercolor of my old cat, who I miss.JanmSketchBookDisplay_blog.jpgSketchbookDisplayDtl_01.jpgSBdisplayDtl_03.jpg
For more Biennale 3 coverage, see HERE and HERE and HERE.
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Drawings From Jury Duty

Posted by rob on December 18, 2012

My life and studio work have been put on hold for just under a month due to serving on a jury. Thankfully the courthouse provides plenty of delightful people to meet, talk to and to draw to pass the time. Many random citizens of LA have been wonderful to hang out with this past month despite the inconvenience of much of the jury process. The first set of drawings are from my sketchbook which were made during the jury selection period, and the second set were drawn along with my jurors notes during the trial. It was an odd experience altogether and rather gut wrenching. It was a difficult, ugly case that filled my head with a growing cloud of black smoke. SB33_JuryDutyScroll_blog.jpgJuryNotesScroll_Blog.jpg

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Two of my major works from this past year, "The Mad Guard" and "Haunt", have made their way to Denmark to go on display at MOHS Exhibit's "End Of Summer" group show. It opens November 29th and runs through December 22. If you have not seen these in person and live in or find yourself in Scandanavia, or The Lands of Human Swans, you should stop by Copenhagen to visit my paintings and enjoy their weird company. The exhibition's lineup appears to be excellent. Mu Pan!


MOHS exhibit

sønder boulevard 98
1720 copenhagen v


+45 20 61 33 55


ons / wedn: 12 - 17
tors / thur: 12 - 18
fre / fri: 12 - 17
lør / sat: 13 - 16

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