My work will be included in a big group show at Honolulu Museum of Art's Spalding House for 10 days starting June 19 with a museum members only event. It's Eric Nakamura's latest curated show featuring art and products from folks who've been gathered under the big GiantRobot tent. June 20th, next Saturday, is Giant Robot Day there from 11-4. I'll be doing a painting demo alongside Luke Chueh and Yoskay Yamamoto and available for general harassment. Come on by and say hi

Artists included in this special exhibition includes: Aaron Woes, Ako Castuera, Albert Reyes, Amy Sol, Apak, Christine Kim, Deth P. Sun, Edwin Ushiro, Eishi Takaoka, Elliot Brown, Ferris Plock, Godeleine de Rosamel, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang, Katsuya Terada, kozyndan, Kris Chau,  Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai , Mark Todd, Martin Hsu, Mike Lee, Mu Pan, Nathan Ota, Rob Sato, Sean Chao, Shawn Cheng, Shizu Saldamando, Souther Salazar, Stasia Burrington, Theo Ellsworth, Vincent Nguyen, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yosuke Ueno and more.

For more info, please visit the Honolulu Museum of Art Contempo #Artshop page.

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SAMURAI! show at Worcester Art Museum

Posted by rob on June 15, 2015



My piece, "Bushi Ballet" will be included in the Worcester Art Museum's Samurai! show

SAMURAI! shows April 18 - September 6, 2015
Contemporary Gallery 

Discover the samurai, in history and popular culture! Guest curator Eric Nakamura,

editor and founder of Giant Robot Magazine, combines historical Japanese arms

and armor from the Worcester Art Museum and John Woodman Higgins collections

with work by contemporary artists inspired by samurai and their enduring myth.


The mass of talent includes:
Andrew Hem
Mari Inukai 
Audrey Kawasaki
Miya Ando
Esao Andrews
Shawn Cheng 
Josh Cochran 
Moira Hahn
Jed Henry
James Jean
Mu Pan 
Ferris Plock
Stan Sakai
Masakatsu Sashie 
Rob Sato
Yuko Shimizu
Katsuya Terada 
Kent Williams

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"20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz"

Posted by rob on February 23, 2015



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"CURSES" Closing Reception

Posted by rob on October 23, 2014




t. 323 951 1068

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"Squaring the Sun"

Posted by rob on October 8, 2014


"Squaring the Sun". 

On view at  Martha Otero Gallery through October 25th, 2014

When I was a kid I used to draw the legs of insects and bird feet as maze-like patterns because I thought that was how they actually were. I don’t even remember it being fun to draw so much as I was determined to get them not tolook how they looked, but feel how they looked. Birds have mazes for feet, and bugs have legs that make mazes, right?

This piece sprang from being asked to do the cover for the band Upsilon Acrux' upcoming album. I was given the phrase “Square Sun Dialect” and told to make whatever I wanted based on that alone. I had been thinking about nature illustrators like John James Audubon and Ernst Haeckel who made very stylized but scientific drawings under the banner of documenting and categorizing plants and animals. These pictures of the natural world are often so stylized to me that they feel unnatural, like science fiction. So many people have drawn the same bird or flower or whatever, but they all turn out wonderfully varied. Every mind is a unique prism that refracts the light of existence in different ways. Combining these thoughts with my memory of trying to capture the maze-iness of insect legs, my own early effort to document my perceptions in a deeply subjective way, “Squaring the Sun” came out. Birdmen and bugmen got mixed with planes and insignia and I was happy and surprised that things organically became much more geometric than originally intended. Incidentally, much of this piece was made with a broken right drawing hand and a healthy and surprisingly reliable left hand. Another fun fact is that this image will not be on the album cover. I ended up submitting something else.

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"Curses" on KCET's Artbound

Posted by rob on October 8, 2014


Writer Liz Ohanesian came by Martha Otero Gallery to discuss my show "Curses" with me for KCET's Artbound. Click HERE to read the article.

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Rob Sato
September 20 - October 25, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 20th from 7 - 9 PM


Martha Otero is pleased to present Rob Sato's Curses. This is his first exhibition with the gallery. Sato's work layers personal, historical, and imaginary elements into rich, dynamic imagery that often explores themes of time, movement and memory. Working mainly in watercolors, his work is by turns intensely detailed and wildly loose and improvisational.


Curses collects Sato's latest adventures on paper, including his massive project Five Movements For Little Guys, a series of ten foot high watercolors where he set out to paint every single person he can remember. The figures are painted in miniature, and they migrate through five fantastical landscapes in a colorful parade of characters, outfits, symbols, and visual associations. He will introduce a new series titled Seances which features a set of freestanding watercolors which are meant to enact rituals summoning the supernatural, to overcome, cast, and perhaps invite curses, and to enter alternate dimensions. Artifacts is made up of a series of baseballs drawn on by Sato, an activity he used to do in his teens to combat boredom while sitting on the bench during games. After rediscovering these baseballs in his parents' garage he began doodling on them again. The drawings soon evolved into cryptic maps, symbols, and narratives relating to memories of the years that he played baseball. Also being shown are drawings and sketchbooks, including one book that mutated into a kind of pop-up paper sculpture titled The Battle of Book 52. Resembling a battlefield charge, it was conceived as a drawing game to have characters "fight" through to the last page, reflecting the artist's own struggle with feelings of obligations to fill every page of every blank book he starts drawing in. Rob Sato lives and works in Los Angeles. 



For more information please email Jenny Seo:



820 N Fairfax Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90046  

t. 323 951 1068 


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Art & Giant Robot at The Oakland Museum

Posted by rob on March 17, 2014



Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of groundbreaking alternative art and culture magazine Giant Robot, OMCA features the major exhibition, SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot featuring works by 15 contemporary artists who have been a part of the magazine's social and cultural evolution. Co-curated by Giant Robot visionary Eric Nakamura and OMCA’s Associate Curator of Art & Material Culture Carin Adams, SuperAwesome presents new or recent works by California and international-based artists affiliated with the influential magazine that brought Asian, trans-Pacific popular culture to mainstream audiences in the United States.

Artworks in the exhibition represent a range of mediums, including mural art, sculpture, illustration, portraiture, large-scale installations, graphic novels, photography, and more. Featured artists include:

Ako Castuera
Sean Chao
David Choe
Luke Chueh
Hamburger Eyes
Andrew Hem
James Jean
Masakatsu Sashie
Shizu Saldamando
Rob Sato
Amy Sol
Deth P Sun
Adrian Tomine

The exhibition also features Giant Robot magazines, ephemera, vinyl toys, custom vending machines, and the original Giant Robot Scion XB inspired by Nintendo's Famicom gaming console, designed by Eric Nakamura and fabricated by Len Higa. The car-turned-interactive gaming station boasts built-in sound and projectors, ennabling visitors to use the car to play the original game Return of the Quack by Chevy Ray Johnston with graphics by Matt Furie.

Over the past 20 years, the Giant Robot brand has expanded to include retail stores and galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, a restaurant, museum and gallery exhibitions, and a popular website. It has also become an important outlet for a generation of emerging artists, several of whom have achieved mainstream success—such as Adrian Tomine, whose work has graced many New Yorker covers, and James Jean, whose is best known for his work for Prada, ESPN, and Atlantic Records.

SuperAwesome connects to OMCA’s other spring exhibition Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of Records through programs and in-gallery experiences celebrating how a range of communities comes together to create shared popular culture.

SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot is made possible in part by generous support from Deluxe Corporation Foundation.

Media Partners:   Oakland Tribune    East Bay Express

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Follow Me On Tumblr Now If You Like

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I have a tumblr page now. Visit and perhaps follow what's going on there at

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Giant Robot 20th Anniversary Show Opens March 15th

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